Having at last got copies of my medical records I was horrified to see that a neurologist had diagnosed me as having schizophrenia when I was referred to him with a number of physical symptoms. I recall being worried and anxious when I saw him but I’m gobsmacked to find he believed my physical symptoms were part of the schizophrenia. (I only had one consultation with him.) This explains why every time I went to my G.P. complaining of worsening physical symptoms he would ask me if I was worried about anything, ask if I was happy at home or in work etc. I would get increasingly frustrated as the G.P. disregarded my concerns about weakening legs, optical neuritis, and overwhelming fatigue etc. After eight very difficult years with my symptoms worsening I was seen by another neuro who diagnosed M.S. I feel totally let down and downright furious about this and I guess there’s f…all I can do about it.


I’m pretty sure a neurologist CAN’T diagnose schizophrenia - it would have to be a psychologist and/or psychiatrist.

So whatever opinions he may have held, I’m pretty sure you haven’t been diagnosed with schizophrenia, and if you had, it wouldn’t have just been left for years, with no more than your GP asking whether you are happy, or worried about anything.

Schizophrenia is a serious illness, and needs urgent intervention. You would have been referred to Mental Health, and given therapy and/or treatment to manage it. Not just asked whether you’re happy. Which is not an unreasonable question, if no physical cause has yet been identified - and not at all suggestive that the questioner believes you have schizophrenia, although it does indicate they think there may be psychological factors at play. But only stress or anxiety - which can contribute to a lot of unexplained symptoms.

I can appreciate how galling it must be that schizophrenia’s even been mentioned - especially in the light of your subsequent correct diagnosis.

But take heart that I’m sure you couldn’t have been diagnosed with it, by someone totally unqualified to do so. He couldn’t diagnose schizophrenia, any more than a shrink is allowed to go round diagnosing MS, or Parkinson’s. It’s just an unqualified opinion, and doesn’t count for diddly squat. There’s no sign your GP accepted it, otherwise I’m sure you’d have been referred to Mental Health.



I was referred to Mental Health but refused to go because I knew that my physical symptoms were not ‘all in the mind.’ Following this diagnosis of schizophrenia my G.P. treated me as someone with a mental health problem not someone with physical problems. I agree this neuro shouldn’t have dx’d me as having schizophrenia but he did. I had told this neuro that my father had schizophrenia and had died in a mental hospital and I guess this was the basis for the neuro jumping to the wrong conclusion.Looking back on the eight years between onset of symptoms and getting a diagnosis were difficult – on the one hand I believed my physical problems to be real but in the back of my mind was the thought that maybe I was becoming mentally ill.

Anitra is totally right. It needs a Clinical Psychologist or a Psychiatrist to officially diagnose schizophrenia.

You need a referral to a new Neuro, and really you need a new GP as well.
If there is another practice near you, go in and ask if they will take you.
The new GP will see your old notes, but you can ask for these to be disregarded.

The worst case I have heard of involved a GP telling a client (as the root of her problems) that her father had committed suicide. He had actually had a heart attack with her watching (as a young teenager).

Either you trust your GP or you change.


Hi, I was messed about by many different neurologists over a 14 year period.

My symptoms were typical PPMS and even tho all my MRIs, LPs, EMGs, VEP tests all came back negative, Iwas told I probably had PPMS.

Then out of the blue yet another neuro said it wasnt PPMS but HSP…a genetic neurological disorder.

Then that was quashed and PPMS was back in the picture.

I voiced my dissatisfaction, in a quiet tactful way, but was refused to be seen by a top MS neuro. I felt as if this was done due to my saying how I felt.

If I were you I would tread carefully, just incase your next doctors gang up with the old.

Perhaps a meeting with the PCT would be useful to you.

My MS nurse suggested I contact them, but I didnt. It takes stamina and guts to try to fight the system.

Good luck.

luv Pollx

has 2b a psychiatrist, its a lengthy assesment, with a series of questions on reality and if tht didnt happen u were miss diagnosed and u shud take it further, i know I would

I agree you have to be diagnosed with any serious mental health condition by a phyciatrist. I have Bipolar Disorder and went through thorough phyciatric assessment by a psyciatrist prior to diagnosis. My GP suspected it but told me he couldn’t diagnose or prescribe for these issues. I also have physical issues and have suspected MS for several years now which I’m now having investigated (again).

I take both my health issues as seperate things but understand that one may impact on the other in some ways.

I’d agree with Mckenzie, you may be better off asking for psyciatric assessment to get answers for the ‘suggested’ mental health issue and then you can go on with investigation into the physical health issues you are enduring seperately.

Just my two pennies worth :slight_smile: