Scared this is the beginning

About 8 weeks ago I started getting pins and needles in my ring and little finger and down the side of my left hand. At first I thought I was imagining it but it got worse over time and because my mum has MS I started to get worried. My GP initially thought more likely carpal tunnel so I wore a wrist brace for a few weeks which didn’t help and then I also started to get weird feelings in my toes. My right foot started to feel like it had gone to sleep so definitely not carpal tunnel. I’ve had a series of blood tests for things like thyroid issues, diabetes, vit D, B12, liver and kidney function but they’ve all come back normal which is disappointing as I was hoping they find an easily fixed explanation. I have to call my GP on Tuesday to discuss what happens next. Should I expect a neurology referral? Looking back I’ve probably had other symptoms like constipation and fatigue that I’ve put down to stress/working in the NHS during a global pandemic and now I’m starting to get really worried. My mum was diagnosed 30 years ago initially with relapsing remitting and then secondary progressive and is now end stage. She’s had a really difficult time and is now registered blind, completely immobile, doubly incontinent and in constant pain. Statistically my chances as a daughter of an MS patient are 1 in 67 which is terrifying. I’d really appreciate any advice or support you can give. Thanks

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