scared on my disability scooter

I refer to being in my wheelchair or on the disability scooter as walking. Who am I kidding plus I don’t feel safe on my scooter any more. Read about my wheelchair whoo’s on my Disabled Don


Hi Don

I say I’m going for a stroll round the block to stretch my legs, even though I’m a wheelchair user. For me, it’s not because I’ve not accepted it. Partly it’s that I like the irony of it, but mostly it’s because the meaning is the same - I’m going outside for some movement in the outdoors in the fresh air, rather being sat inside all the time.

And I can relate to the fear of having an accident. What I find really helps me though is thinking through the possible scenarios, and then thinking of ways that I would deal with the problem. So for example, I know you can get alarm call buttons for if you ever have a fall. When you press it, and a carer will be sent to help you. If you speak to your local social services or a mobility shop, they should be able to give you some assistance.

Hope you’re able to come up with some good practical ideas that will give you the confidence to live free of fear.


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Hi Dan I never use my mobile phone I still have credit on it from my last hospital stay eighteen months ago but if I head out on my own I have the phone in my pocket, it’s peace of mind for my wife.


hi don

i have come out my chair twice-once ended up lying in middle of road. confidence shattered. took me a long time to feel confident again. i like ur comment re keeping other folk reassured! for me i feel that somebody will entually come across me… i used to worry but now i have a better outlook-the worrying is pointless and focus on dealing with when i have to! (easier bsaid thazn done!) learning is on going eh?!


Ellie leearning is certainly on going I wish I was back at school