Hi all Dunno if this may help you, I had. Scan today, again, and choose earplugs over headphones, I found it a lot better. You could still hear, not. As Loud as headphones I nearly dropped off. Lot better. Just an idea for you all as some of you worry about scan, so do I. Mike

Roll them good and thin and then put them in properly and ear plugs are way better than headphones!


Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile: if I ever have to have one again I’ll try ear plugs . Hope it went ok Mike :slight_smile: Sam xx

Hi Sam I manages to keep still as they didn’t wedge my head I also found that not having my legs raised prevented me making spasms. It was ok they injected dye. I have JC virus blood test tue. Mike

I took the earplugs over headphones. I hate headphones and never wear them at home. I don’t like sudden, unexpected noises and headphones cause me too many nasty shocks. I also hate doorbells (I don’t have one) and people knocking at my door. I jump whenever my home phone or mobile rings and can’t stand emergency service vehicle sirens or trains whizzing past me when I am standing at a station.

I love wearing earplugs when there is loud noise because I can still hear but it’s much quieter and softer. I can never get them in far enough though, even though I roll them superthin and stick then in as fast as I can before they start to expand.

Pity I couldn’t use the ones I had in the field as an engineer, they were great. Used in foundrys and metal forming mills Mike