Brain Scan.. advice?

Hi, I am going to have a brain scan next week and I am really worried that I will have a ‘panic attack’ during it. Anyone experienced problems in the past with not managing the scan. I know it sounds silly but I struggle in enclosed environments, heart starts racing and then my breathing just goes all over the place…

If anyone has any advice how to cope with this situation that would be great. Also wondering how long the scan might take - if I manage to stay put for it! Thanks!

Hi I had one and I was scared due to been in a tunnel so to speak but the guy put a helmet on me to keep my head still and he attached a mirror so I could see the guy behind the window who was scanning me and I was fine, never panicked at all has I could see him and he kept talking to me, hope this helps and good luckxxx

Hi forgot to say it took about 40 mins and they give you a buzzer to press if you panicxx

If it were me I’d be relying on being aware of my breathing and using my imagination to do a visualisation. Try taking yourself off to a pleasant landscape, maybe somewhere you’ve visited in real life. My other calming technique is to repeat affirmations such as ‘All is well. I am peaceful and calm’, as many times as it takes. You will be fine. Good luck with the results :heart:

Thanks Reikiblossom and Mands. Appreciate the advice. Not sure will manage 10mins never ins 40mins. Perhaps I need to practice some relaxing breathing techniques over this week before the scan. Will do a google search! Just worried I will mess it up and then no scan :frowning:

Hi, I felt the same before my scan and found it nowhere near as bad as I was expecting (and I struggle with being in a sleeping bag!) I took an eye mask and put that on before I lay down so I couldn’t see them put the thing around my head or the inside of the scanner. I had headphones on and had been told I could take a cd so I had some familiar music to listen to so maybe ask if you can do the same. Then as reiki suggested I focused on my breathing and felt quite relaxed after I got used to the banging noise. You’ll be fine, I found it’s the anxiety of worrying about what might happen that’s worse than the actual experience!

I close my eyes before I go in and that helped. I’d let them know how you feel before you go and see what they suggest. I’ve had a few and the last one told me how long each bit would take. Only one had music in the background. I found I feel more relaxed when I don’t use their gown and wear my own clothes. Wearing extra layers makes it more comfortable as it is a hard surface. Just make sure there are no zips etc.