HI all, does anyone know where i can obtain sativex? ive read some good reviews on it, and guess what my gp/neuro wont perscribe!!! Tony…

Hiya Tony

I tried it on a private script from EMED. Script was £15.00. Went to the chemist and they all charge differently. The lowest was £410.00. Seeing as I only took one or two sprays a month that worked out roughly a vial lasting me about 6-8 weeks so I could budget at around £100.00 per month for the spray.


it made no damned difference to me, what a let down. Wish you luck


I would be very grateful if anyone could give me any advice on reputable suppliers of Sativex. I lost my leg twenty years ago and have suffered from excruciating phantom limb pain ever since. I have tried every available drug but nothing helps, but have had some relief after smoking cannabis, although this is not a road I would wish to go down on a regular basis. Having read accounts of the relief Satifex has given to some MS suffers I think it may be of some use for phantom limb pain, but unfortunatly the NHS has no plans (or imagination) when it comes to using it in this way.

Grateful for any help.

Thanks, Scot.

Scot, Have you asked your GP for a prescription for Sativex. l would have thought you would have qualified. Before Sativex was licensed for ms use - my GP did write me a ‘private script’. lt cost me about £220 for 4phials. Then when it became licensed June 2009 - she let me have a nhs prescription. l have seen 3 different neuros in the last 3yrs - and they were all very encouraging about it. l know the cost has spiralled. Now the drug companies know it is available on nhs prescription up goes the cost. That’s Life.

As Marty has stated - You only need a couple of sprays - usually before bedtime - and there are 90 sprays per phial - 3 phials in a box. lt will not be the same as the real thing - as the ‘euphoria’ bit has been removed.

Sativex has been found very useful for people suffering with cancer, instead of morphine which renders the patient almost comatose. And there are no withdrawal symptoms.

Gather all the info you can about it and try your GP - or even change your GPif you find yours is not co-operative.

Best of Luck


This is simply not true and is part of the propaganda around Sativex to try and falsely distinguish it from natural cannabis. The Sativex SPC clearly states “euphoric mood” as a “common” side effect.

Sativex is a good product but don’t be fooled that it is anything but cannabis. It is pharmacologocally identical to the cannabis nplants from which it is made and contains all the same 400+ ingredients.

What we need is for people in Britain to be able to obtain Bedrocan medicinal cannabis ( the Dutch government’s official producer). It is grown to at least the same high standards as GW Pharma grows for Sativex, costs one-tenth of the price of Sativex. Used with a vapouriser it is much more effective than Sativex and has none of the negative effects of smoking, nor the mouth burns from Sativex.

Every other country in Europe except France permits Bedrocan. This is because of our government’s corrupt and dishonest policy on medicinal cannabis and the unlawful monopoly they have given to GW