Does anyone know if you can get sativex perscribed in the Dorset area ?

No idea but this was in our local paper this week and may help your cause when trying to get it prescribed

yes I also read that about the woman from Aylsham, I’m going to email my ms nurse at the NNUH to see what she says about it for my spasms in my arm. Unfortunately this time I’ve had no success with amitriptyline or gabapentin.

My dad was so excited for me when he read it, bless him. He immediately thought it could change my life too. I haven’t even tried gabapentin yet. I’m due to see my GP on Weds and I’m still waiting for a physio appointment. In the meantime I’m doing yoga stretches which are helping. I’m not keen on taking any more meds unless I really have to. I already have a medicine box that could rival my mum’s and she was 74 when she died. Four years ago I used to have a single sheet of repeat prescriptions, I’m now on to three pages.


been on sativex now for 6 weeks, i still have pain but nothing like i used to, no side effects, well it tastes horrible, but thats nothing as my pain levels are much better.

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I strongly recommend anyone wishing to get impartial advice on Sativex and cannabis as a treatment for MS to join this Facebook group:

Here you will get advice and information which is not tainted by government propaganda against cannabis or by GW Pharma’s current monopoly of the market.

l have been fortunate to have a gp who prescribes Sativex - been using it for about 3yrs. lt gives me better results then baclofen/tizanidine and gabapentin. They left me unable to function - would never take them again. Yesterday, l had a visit from a friend who l had not seen for a couple of years. Last time l saw him - his young son - 20’s -had been diagnosed with ms.

l gave him all the details about b12 and d3 - and he has been taking them - and he also smokes cannabis - and all the ms symptoms are now under control. He takes no other meds - refused dmd’s. So glad to hear this good news - as at first he was devastated - legs were weak and he suffered fatigue. He was a very active sporty chap - raced motorbikes. He thought his life was over - so it is such good news to hear of someone who has ‘managed’ their symptoms.

Took this extract from the MS trust website. Guess the gist is, ask and find out!

Sativex has not yet been assessed by NICE (the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) but is being included in the review of Clinical Guideline 8, “Multiple sclerosis: management of multiple sclerosis in primary and secondary care”. A decision is expected in 2014.

Until then, funding decisions are made locally by the relevant NHS authorities according to local priorities and budgets. This means that funding is not always available.

In areas where Sativex is not routinely funded, specialists may submit an individual funding request (IFR) if they can make the case that the individual will benefit. IFRs are not always granted, meaning that some people opt to pay for Sativex themselves. The cost of fulfilling a private prescription varies widely depending on the pharmacy so it is worth calling around for the best price.

Prior to getting mine on a nhs prescription - my gp would give me a private script. And the local village pharmacy would get it for me - and at a much better price then l have seen quoted on here - [Essential Health/Dickson’s] So it is always worth asking your local independant chemist rather then the larger companies.