Sativex manufacture problem

I have had Sativex prescribed for about 6 years but recently had to stop because of a manufacturing problem! I cannot get any more information than that and drug alternatives for my symptoms all give me dreadful side effects before giving me any relief. I’ve been trying cbd oil for a week or two but not having help from that either. Is anyone else who’s been getting Sativex experiencing the lack of supply and/or feeling desperate like me about their condition. I’m usually a very positive person who feels I manage my symptoms quite well but am now headachy, sleepy during day, weak and keep dropping/ knocking things over. MS nurse service here is useless, Dr knows very little and drugs I’ve tried all make me like a zombie with no desire to do anything but sleep. Tizanidine, Gabapentinm, baclofen, sertrolene all tried. I have 3 weekly private physio, 3 weekly myofascial private massage, use Molli suit 3 times a week but the lack of 3 squirts of Sativex at night is reducing me to desperation. Awake at night and usually have to do 15 mins on my active/ passive bike several times during it to calm legs and get back to sleep!

Hi, I’m in California but saw your post via an MS Google alert I get periodically-- so I joined, to respond. I’m so sorry to hear of the trouble you’re having. I have waited years to get Sativex, but US government still classifies marijuana with heroin and such… in brief-- I take Ampyra, Which is a miracle drug for me. More than tripled the amount of energy and reduced my fatigue incredibly. But, gives me insomnia (and I don’t even take the 2nd/nighttime dose anymore). So I started rotating Ambien, Xanax, and clonazepam to sleep every night. Pretty sure it was impacting my memory–scary. Thankfully, a friend makes CBD oil. So I’ve been able to stop all three of the sleeping pills. Are you taking enough of the oil? What is the ratio? I think the THC is critical, so I take 1:1 or 2:1 ratio (I think sativex is 1 to 1, no?) I take three or four DROPS, and within three hours I’m feeling dozy and can eventually fall asleep. Some Friends I know take entire dropper full’s for the same effect. Some people apparently have to. So again, Are you taking enough? Then, after I sleep for about five hours- of course peeing 2 to 3 times along the way–one of my legs will start to jerk every 30 seconds. I can even fall asleep and start dreaming in the 30 seconds (because I’m so tired from the wonderful CBD oil!) and then BAM – another jerk… my solutions are: pee again (my leg spasticity is DEFINITELY connected to my bladder/bowels somehow), or go to the kitchen and eat some tortilla chips, or just reach up and grab the awesome Vape pen that another friend gets for me. I don’t know if it’s CBD, THC or what-I don’t care at that point-- a hit or two calms my leg (it alternates R/L but it’s only ever one at a time!) and gets me back to sleep. Last comment: have you tried low-dose naltrexone? I take 3 or 4.5 mg every night. Every time I stop, wondering: why am I taking this drug? Then the spasticity gets worse and I start up again. I have zero side effects, so I pretty much take it every night. OK, too much information? It’s taken me YEARS to get to this stable pretty functional point. Hoping for Sativex someday, but… I’ve managed for now. Please try to keep your spirits up, never be too proud to ask for whatever help you need, and take care.


Thank you for making us aware there is a problem manufacturing Sativex.

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[removed by admin] speak to your doctor; MS nurse or ring the MSUK forum ; someone has got to have the ability to get hold of some for medicinal purposes.


“Pusher”?? !!

A completely wrong use of a very nasty word! I don’t think there’s a cannabis dealer who has ever pushed anything on anybody. The villains in the cannabis market are the gangs running dangerous hidden farms with human trafficked gardeners but the biggest villain of all is our government which policies support the criminal market and deny sick people and adults who want a safer alternative to alcohol.

Hi, I dont believe there are many members here who were lucky enough to get sativex prescribed. But there probably will be some answering soon.I asked for it but our area doesnt prescribe it at all.

I know Spacejacket (Frances) gets it, but she`s off celebrating her 70th birthday!!!

Good luck in your hunt!