Sativex and Nabilone


a few weeks ago the consultant at the pain clinic asked if I was willing to try Sativex providing my GP agreed to it, which she did. I was given the prescription today and I’ve been prescribed Nabilone not Sativex.

Is anyone else taking Nabilone and if so, did it help? I’ve been reading the side effects and I’m a bit worried. I’ve had all the usual medication: gabapentin, pregablin and am now taking Carbamazepine as well as amitryptiline, baclofen and quite a few others. Neurologist has recently told me I now have secondary progressive ms.

many thanks

Catherine x

Hi, I was interested to know what nabilone is…so I just googled it and read the first 2 lines. It is a derivative of cannabis and is prescribed for neuropathic pain.

So it looks ike you have got an alternative, with the same effects as sativex.

If you wanna read what I read, just google nabilone.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

thanks for your reply. I had googled Nabilone when I got the prescription and the list of side effects was much longer than the list with the tablets. I’m going to take but I just wondered if anyone else was taking it. There are a couple of posts about it on here but it seemed the side effects outweighed the benefits on those posts. Wondered if it had helped anyone. I do know that I’ve been lucky to get it.

Catherine x


l have been using Sativex for about 4yrs. Tried Baclofen and Tizanidine -Gabapentin all left me very weak and feeble - and no strength to stand up. Very frightening at the time. Especially, as my GP suggested l take a higher dose.

We all react differently to these meds. And l am horrified at times when l see the mixture of meds people take. l like to keep a clear head - hate the meds that make me groggy. l have recently stopped taking amitriptyline as l found how much better l was without it. l see Nabilone is prescribed for sickness/vomiting - usually for patients on chemo. So l am wondering how it is going to benefit us with MS.

l also take LDN - and have done so well on it - gives me a clear head - more positive feeling - less fatigue. So l do not want to take any of the other meds that would take away this feel good factor from LDN.

l have upped my vitamin d3 to 15,000ius as my levels are still under 100nmols. And l take a high dose B12 and also magnesium.

Lets us know how your get on with Nabilone - if you do decide to try it.


I will try the nabilone but I’m putting it off until after the weekend due to a family celebration- I don’t manage to go out much so don’t really want to sit there feeling spaced out! - anymore than I do already! I take amitryptiline, carbamazepine baclofen amantadine diclofenic cocodimol regurin diazepam (occasionally for ms hug) omeprazole . I have tried gabapentin and pregablin in the past.

I was given liquid orimorph for pain when I was in hospital with a relapse. I was fine for the first week then I started to feel really bad. I was convinced everyone else on the ward was trying to kill me. It was a horrible feeling and after reading that nabilone can cause hallucinations, the main reason I’m more than a little worried about taking it!

Fingers crossed this will work - will let you know