Hi folks has anyone ever used Nabilone as my pain clinic nurse has said yesterday that Sativex is not an option for me but she does think id benefit from Nabilone so just wondering if anyone has used this before its a synthetic cannaboidywhotsit oh an she thinks my walking stick is too short for me so gonna have a proper 1 for a 6ft 1in person lol i hope it folds up for the bike

Hi Sheep, yes, I’m on Nabilone via Neuro Rehab as apparently I’m not ready for Sativex yet (possibly due to cost but could be mobility?). It is a bit of a nuisance as it’s off-licence in England so my surgery won’t touch and I have to request the prescription from the hospital and collect from the hospital pharmacy, oh and my husband says he has to fill out a form each time because it’s a “controlled” substance. - so if you can get the consultant to put it on repeat, you’ll be miles ahead of me! It does what it’s supposed to but I have to admit to uncontrollable giggles etc. for the first couple of days BUT I got used to it very quickly. Is yours for spasticity too? I’m seeing my doctor in a few weeks so I guess I’ve been on it for about 5 months. Good luck - Sonia x

Hi dancer many thanks i gotta wait 12 weeks before i know if its a yay or a nay by then it will be the dreaded C word and then the Dreaded S word will come from my wife dont worry admin i mean Christmas and Shopping anyhows perhaps then i may get some relief heres to hoping

respect sheep

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