Has anyone had any luck with Sativax been prescribed I have had bad reactions to the normal drugs Baclafen,gabapentin,pregabalin, I have heard that cannabis does help but that worries me going and getting it so if you could get it prescribed as sometimes I just don’t seem to be able to get my legs to relax with out taking pain killers to make me so soppy that I can sleep, but I know paresetamol and codeine are not the best solution, but I just want to sleep and relax

There is a blanket ban on the prescribing of Sativex throughout England but some of our club members have had success in Scotland.

The ‘Sativex substitute’ (the real stuff) works very well on the neuropathetic pain in my feet, is less addictive than the morphine patches I’m also on, and is a decent smoke or a very tasty cookie.

I purposely carry a cookie around on my buggy and would love to meet a police sniffer dog.I reckon we’d look good together on the front of the Daily Mail after I’d been arrested. Would never happen, 'cos I would never get arrested.

The stuff would probably help you, and as for being arrested,cautioned for possession, “Oh and by the way officer I have MS and am refused it on the basis of a flawed drugs trial that is the SUPPOSED basis for the ban.”

Do what you have to,