SAFO - Silicone Ankle Foot Orthosis

I currently suffer with drop foot and have recently read about SAFO. I would like to ask if anyone has tried SAFO and their thoughts about it. Also does anybody also know the approximate cost. Many Thanks.

Jon P

l have had one for years. Very comfy - and can be worn with most shoes - and no shoes at all. They are made from a plaster cast mould of your foot/ankle. So there is no way you can ‘try before you buy’. As for cost - well mine was about £600 - what they are now l do not know.

A SAFO works perfectly well and is much more comfortable than a traditional splint, although I prefer a fes, as it helps to build muscle strength. I am sure Dorset Orthopaedic will be happy to deal with any questions you may have.

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i got a safo last year and i think it was about £650. I wore it too much at the beginning and my foot became lazier as i wasnt using the muscle strength that i did have. i use it now when walking the dog as it adds stability.

Moyna xxx

Many thanks for your responses,It sounds very good.I will see if my MS nurse can recommend anything, if not I will have to find £800 to get a SAFO.