Safe to have steroids right now?


I’m currently relapsing. I’m spinning slowly all the time - fun!

I’m on Ocrelizumab - disappointing since I hoped I’d do well on this medication.

Anyhow I’m waiting for my MS nurse to get back to me. My big worry is I know it’s not a great idea to have steroids and reduce my immunity. How bad does a relapse need to be to take this risk? Any ideas much appreciated.

thanks Katrina


going off on a tangent, sorry.

Make sure you test for UTI before taking steroids.

Good point thank you. I’ll do this tomorrow


If your relapse is affecting mobility or eyesight, I’d have the steroids. Just be extra careful about social distancing, hand washing etc thereafter. Don’t forget that the steroids are only supposed to speed up relapse recovery time, not cure the relapse so if you decided it’s too risky, that’s your choice - don’t let an MS nurse (or anyone else) make that decision for you.

Carole is absolutely right about checking for UTI. GPs aren’t always as on the ball about the relationship between UTIs and relapses and the relationship between UTIs and steroids. So you need to ensure your wee is tested before starting steroids.

Best of luck


Thank you Sue. It’s been so long since I had a relapse like this that I completely forgot about checking for a uti first.

Thank you for your thoughts.

much appreciated