sad times

Hello all.

On Friday my 2 lovely Christines took me to the pics to see a wonderful new film, The Lady in the Van…what a marvellous film…I highly recommend it…

But before we went in to the cinema, my hubby dropped me off in a small disabled car park close to the venue.

Well, we met THE most awful, obnoxious and selfish man. It seemed he was more than annoyed at my being unloaded on the wheelchair lift at the bak of our van, an action which normally takes about 5 minutes. He was parked at one side of this little car park and wished to move to the other. Our van had nowhere else to be but in the middle, as all other spaces were taken. And we do need a long space to get me out.

I heard his voice as i reversed out of our van and couldnt believe his attitude.

My carers were explaining that we wouldnt be long and could he wait for a few minutes.

Oh no, he wasnt having any of that…he was a disabled man and coudnt wait. So I had my turn and I cant believe that I never actually got mad with him…but tried to plead with his better side…it became apparent he didnt have one!

I said Look , we are both disabled and know how difficult our lives are. We can do without this aggro, surely. He continued his tirade by telling me he has a new heart, cancer in his prostate and in his knee. I told him that is awful,and that I can neither walk nor stand at all.

I even held out the olive branch to him and appealed to his better side…but as i said before, he clearly doesnt have one at all. He told me he had been an ambulance driver for 30 years and had never seen such imcompetent driving as my hubbys!!!

There was no quietening this buffoon…this silly, sad man.

The conversation ended with my hubby telling him he didnt have to answer to him and my sister said she hoped he didnt live long to feel anymore grief, his reply was Piss off!

Eee dear me! This bovver from a local resident…and then all that senseless bloodshed in Paris.

What a world with ignorant people like him and them in it, eh?

There…subject vented…back to being considerate…easy for me!


You can`t help people like that.

You can help people like him, we could have a whip round for a lovely trip to Switzerland. … Maybe some cod for his chip ? Well done for not sinking to the levels I may have been tempted to go to.

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Oh Poll. That’s terrible. Stupid little man.

So pleased you enjoyed the film though.

Shazzie xx

Stupid horrible little man. The problem is, I am sure that he was a stupid horrible little man before he had any health issues.

Although we are all part of the same “disabled community” the only thing that we have in common is the fact that we are disabled. Although some people would like something that all disabled people whereas saintly as the Dalai Lama, having a disability does not, of course, make everybody with a disability immediately “wise” or “good-natured” or even polite to other people – would that it did!

I have to say though that if he had been acting like that to me he would have had the length of my tongue - I may look like a sweet little disabled lady but, when the situation requires, I can swear like a docker. (Actually, I don’t look that sweet and I certainly am not that little!)

Glad you enjoyed the movie Polly, I’m really looking forward to seeing one myself.

ignorant barsteward !!! dont give him another thought,hes not worth it

Bet the film was great, i will look forward to getting it on dvd as i dont like the pictures.

J x

aw poll

what pity that the ignorant little pillock tried his best to spoil your trip out.

i’m afraid that pillock is me trying not to use bad language but… well let’s just say it would have begun with the same letter and ended in ck

[Edited - asterisks aren’t enough]

well done for rising above it and going on to enjoy the film.

i’m going either tomorrow or wednesday and looking forward to it

carole xxx

Completely agree. Too bad that poor health hasn’t miraculously turned him into a nice person, but there you go.


Some people are just plain nasty and are best ignored.

So glad you enjoyed your film.

Jan x

people like him are so full of there own self they cant see that others have problems too.

thank goodness we dont live anywhere near him i would hate to be his neighbour bet he gives them hell.

glad you enjoyed the film dont let people like him put you off take care Barbara.xx

Cheers everyone. Here`s a contrast;

been out locally today…Elland…got talking to an elderly man in the supermarket. We were both waiting to be collected…me in my wheelie and him sitting in the store`s wheelie…

him…allo love (wheeze)

me…allo love…

him…how do you get that into your car? (wheelie I reckon)…wheeze

me…we have an electric lift on a van

him…oh, sounds good (wheeze)

me…yeh, it is. have you got COPD love?

him…yeh, and cancer

me…oh dear…

him…how long have you been in that? (wheeze)

me…12 years…my lift`s here now

him…ok, tara love

me… tara love, merry christmas

him…oh aye, merry christmas (wheeze)

See, easy to be nice, innit?

luv Pollxx



Hi Polly

I know just how you must have felt, it’s so hurtful when people are mean but when they are friendly and kind it makes up for those hurtful people.

Take care

Wendy x