S.c.i.o therapy

Has anyone used the S.C.I.O therapy The person who does my massage saw a guy who used the machine hers was to do with hormonal imbalance and she’s to take certain herbs and add nutrients into her diet. A client of hers had a bad couch was diagnosed with asthma, chronic chest infections and various other conditions when they couldn’t get to the bottom of them. So she ended up seeing this guy and now her coughs gone. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not a nutter and I know there’s no cute but if stuff helps even one symptom it’s good. Was just curious the guy has a few clients up my area but he’s from England but he comes up. It’s a one off thing. Anyway just wondering if anyone has used it,


if working with the bodies subtle energies makes u a nutter then i am guilty!

monthly cranial osteopath sessions and giving/receiving regular reiki sessions keeps me in balance-not physically cos ms destroys what it wants but mentally and general well being.

i know the guy u mention uses a machine-i must confess i dunno what for!

but many of the therapies are beneficial, npl for example are good taken on board realistically by the person seeking support.

ellie (reiki master of 15 years)

duh! sorry-nlp not npl!


Thanks Ellie I’m serious thinking about it I had reiki when I had glandular fever it was really really good. I got bad headaches with it and my head always went warm and do did my stomach 2 months later I’d ibs. I got my dog when is glandular fever could only walk 10 mins before before being exhausted up till I could walk Miles with him X

Yeah, I was worrying how nipples got in there!


em-will pm you