Running with MS - Frustrating

It has taken me a year to really grasp the concept of having MS. I used to run 4-5 miles a week but now I can barely run a mile with out dragging left foot. Are there any others that have experienced the same thing and if so what thereapy is avaiable to help lifting the leg/foot? I have noticed that getting in and out of the car my leg feels heavier and tough to lift and standing to put on pants is becoming tougher.

I accept that I have this disease but it is tough to cope and grasp that I need to adjust to what I was accustomed to. Enough complaining , right…LOL.

If anyone has a hint or tip on how to work on getting the leg not to drg I am all ears!

You could try getting a decent physio to asses areas of weakness and write a programme of exercises that help build up muscle strength. There is a running group at ShiftMS and they might have some tips.

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Experienced something similar? I’m afraid so. I had given up running for other reasons before I got MS. A couple of years post dx, I didn’t think I had any lasting mobility problems until I tried to play badminton one day and promptly fell over with such thoroughness that that it was instantly clear that any attempt to repeat the experience would meet with the same result. Bad moment. I really feel for you.

That’s good advice from whammel. Physio assessment would be a great idea. They can see where the problems are and, while they can’t solve the neurological stuff, they can help you to get and stay as strong and stable as possible.