Running for MS

Running for MS

Hi everyone

I met my girlfriend last autumn when I had just come out of hospital after my first very nasty relapse. I was officially diagnosed in January 2012 and so she has been beside me on pretty much every step of my MS journey so far. A lot of people would have turned to run away at this point, but I have been very lucky and found one of the best people in the world.

Sarah has always been active and has enjoyed taking part in sports throughout her life. After meeting me and learning more about MS Sarah decided she wanted to raise some money for the MS Society to help them continue in the excellent work that they do.

Sarah thought about running a marathon, she realised that this was a huge commitent and would be a tremedous strain on her body and it got her to thinking about what it is like to live with MS.

Sarah told me that she realised that MS isnt like a marathon which requires a huge amount of training and hard work but is then over and you carry on as normal, she realised that MS is with you every single day and effects you in so many ways.

And so Sarah has pledged to run at least 20 minutes every single day of 2012 (unlucky to pick a leap year eh?!) Sarah has and will continue to run through sun, rain, sleet and snow, through hangovers, injuries and illness and in whatever location she finds herself in on the day. On top of this Sarah has moved house and has been working two jobs!

Sarah has told me that the days she finds it tough to run because of tiredness, or illness or just finding the time she realises how it must feel to struggle to do everyday tasks because of MS and that makes her run even harder.

Sarah's dog Bertie (a particularly handsome springer spaniel) has been accompanying Sarah on some of her runs, they're over a quarter of a way through the challenge now and would love some more support. If you could spare the time please visit her page and leave her a message of support, and if you could spare some pennies everything would be greatly received.

There will be pictures of the two of them running in their MS Society vests very soon.

Thanks for reading thumbsup

Zoe x


Thank you Tom.

Sarah and Bertie are both running well. They’re enjoying running in the sun (when it’s out) they’re very excited about the approaching 6 month milestone and they are incredibly proud that they’ve nearly raised half of their target so far!