I always said I wanted to run a Marathon

When I was at school I was good at running, I even qualified to Run for Kent in the county qualifications in Cross Country. I never did but that is another story. Years passed and I never did any running and then along came MS. When I was diagnosed I was at Brook Hospital Brook General Hospital - Wikipedia and I used to go for a runn everymorning while there until the sister saw me and said running and MS dont mix and advised me not to run anymore

Well I never did get to run a marathon but a few weeks back our Daughter Victoria announced she had booked her place to run in the Royal Parks Half Marathon. She has since been pounding the streets of Thanet and this weekend she managed 9 miles whilst out training. Here is her story Victoria Andrews is fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis Society

So I may not have ever run a Marathon but my daughter is doing a half marathon for me!!


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Brilliant Don , I bet you will be cheering her on xx

Don, what a lovely thing to do. I had to spend a few days at the Brook hospital for my diagnosis. NHS at its worst; full of cynical auxiliary staff who thought we were putting it on. After my CSF my mate came to see me so we went to the pub next door. You’d think I’d committed the definitive sin. “You advised me to drink a lot of fluid,” I retorted.

Best wishes.

Go Victoria xx

here`s to your Victoria!!!

Go girl!


How lovely! Good luck Victoria Sonia x

Good luck Victoria!

Nina x