Our Daughter is running for MS

I am the proud Dad of three kids. Our middle one Victoria decided she wanted to raise some money for MS Society so signed up for the Royal Parks Half Marathon and has so far raised just over £800. which is twice as much as when I wrote on my Disabled Don blog

I am super proud

xxx Don


Nice one

Sonia x


That’s really good Don , I bet you are so proud. I’m a mum of seven the oldest being 30 and the littlest being 14 . I don’t know how I managed to talk Lee into having so many. The older ones have left home now and they are wonderful children. Jamie our 4th child lives in Dunoon and works as a rehabilitation worker for the blind. He’s such a caring person Im sure that growing up with disability has made him the person he is today. I always worried that life was hard for my children having autistic siblings and then me getting ill but I think it can teach them empathy and they have a maturity and kindness that is exceptional. Michelle and Frazer xx sent from my mobile phone

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Brilliant Don, good luck for your daughter x

Pam x


Well done to you daughter,such a nice thing to do for us all with MS.

J x

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Good wishes to you all Don.

The only running I do now is from my nose. And my feet smell. Am I built upside down?


Thanks folks I will report back on her time next week she is going up with her BIG sister and they are staying overnight. Then a few of her mates are going up to cheer her on. I shall not be going to far to go for a few moments glimpse as she dashes past.


Hi Don wishing your daughter a good run, what a nice thing to do. A friend of my daughter is also running for MS and her donations are slowly creeping upwards. I do appreciate their effort.

Hi Don,

I hope I’m not too late to wish your daughter good luck? I’ve been internetless for three weeks, didn’t really think I’d miss it that much as I’m not really a very computerish person but my goodness I really really missed it!

Hope you are as ok as can be?

Love Nina x