run down

Hey All,

Im newly diagnosed but not taking meds yet.

My problem is I feel very run down at the moment, I had a tooth abscess this week, my skin is in bits and I’m way behind in college and need to keep working but all I want to do is go to bed for a few months

Is there anything I could do to perk up? Should I take some vitamins or something like that?

Hi Mushaboom

Sorry to heAR YOU are feeling so down±± the abcess might be making u feel tired too u know!!!

when u say ur skin is in bits…do u mmean breakout? have u tried liz earle! i swear it has helped me soooooo much.

yea definitely take a multivitamin and some other supplements too like vitamin b and probiotics etc.

i havent been diagnosed as this my symptoms have only happened once so fingers crossed ist just a one off.


I find that metatone tonic is fantastic when you’re run down …I use it for me and my family whenever we have had a bug or an infection. Listen to your body if you feel tired take nap and am sure you will recover much quicker. Take care and hope you feel better soon xx

Thanks Beccy and guest,

Beccy, yes when I’m run down my skin breaks out like a teenager, will look up liz, thank you.

One guest, I never hear of metatone, I’ll look it up and see if I can get it here, thank you.

I do need some time off soon but life is not letting me (college, toddler,bills etc…)

Hi no problem! def look up liz earle. it literally has saved me!!

ahhh you have a child? how old? how old are u? if u dont mind me asking!?

I think my symptoms are getting better slowly but im feelin dizzy on and off…i think thats prob more anxiety based as its not constant!


You can get metatone tonic from any chemist Sarah x

You can get metatone from any chemist Sarah x

As Carolina says, vitamin D3 is important for MSers. Some people say it’s helped with their fatigue. I haven’t noticed a difference, but we’re all different. It would be worth having your B12 levels tested too. A lot of MSers are deficient and low B12 levels can result in fatigue, and neurological symptoms.

I take a multivitamin too, but tbh, that’s because my diet is rubbish! If you eat a healthy diet, you shouldn’t need one.

Fish oils are supposed to be really good too - so eating lots of fresh tuna, mackeral, etc (oily fish) is good for MSers.

If you have MS fatigue, then you could ask your GP or MS nurse for amantadine. It is approved for MS fatigue. It doesn’t work for everyone, but is definitely worth a try. Another med that a lot of us are on for fatigue is modafinil. It’s not actually approved for MS, but a lot of neuros and MS nurses prescribe it. Unfortunately PCTs are clamping down on it being prescribed for MS, so you may not be able to get it. It’s worth asking though.

An abscess is bound to make you feel rubbish. I hope you get better soon :slight_smile:

Karen x

Thanks for the replies,

Thanks Karen,

I’m not sure if it’s MS fatigue or just me over doing it generally. I’ll grab a multi-vitamin because my diet is also rubbish, although I do eat lots of oily fish.

Carolina, my neuro did say to take the vitamin D too and I will look up the rest also, thank you.

Sarah, loads of chemists near me so I’ll pop down to them and see, thanks.

Hi Beccy, I have a 2 year old girl and I’m 29, I don’t mind at all :slight_smile: I’m back in college in the evenings, I think I’ve just put too much on my plate but I’m thinking long term here x

ahhh cute!! yes it sounds like u have alot on your plate hun, just try and allocate time each day to relax…it will make such a difference trust me!!