Fatigue, run down, side effects or had too much fun!

Hi All,

I am looking for some advice.  I have felt dreadfull over the last 2 months.  My symptoms are relatively minor and senory in nature.  I normally have slight balance problems, very cold feet in the evenings and nausea when I am tired.  I take pregabalin for my feet and Betahistine for the nausea.

I have had a very busy socical life in Februay and March - not ususal for me -  40th birthday parties, concerts, Weddings and other things.  As I had such a lot on over the weekends I was sensible and took the Mondays off on leave but I have still felt absolutely drained.  I have been trying to go in later to work but not felt any better for the lie in and have taken some Fridays off too.  Last week I took a weeks leave just to take it easy in the hope that this would sort me but it didn't.  I have been berocca - "you but on a good day" on top of all my usual vitamins and minerals.

In addition to the tiredness cold feet have bothered me during the day which is not usual, the nausea had been worse (especially at work), blance much worse - look like a drunk weaving down the road, sensation in left hand / leg and cheek noticable reduced from what it was.

I do not normally suffer from MS fatigue but had a three week period last June where I was exhaused and drained for no obvious reason.  My MS nurse said if I felt like that again I should go to my GP fur blood tests to rule out thioroid as a cause.  I have made an appointment with my GP next tuesday but I feel a bit silly as there could be a cause to being run down - too many parties!  What can she do anyway other that test for a cause - don't think she can do anything to make me feel better.

I can put up with this if it is only temporary but I am worried that this may be how I am now.  My MS is not really relapsing and remitting it has just really been a gradual worsending of symptoms without much improvement.

I feel guilty for moaning as I am aware that symptoms are nothing compared to what many of you are dealing with but I cannot think of anything to do to make this better.  I am worried that I may .have to go part time at work in the long term.  

I don't think it it is the Pregabaling because I was on this for a few months before this started.  Can't handle the idea of stopping this as it makes my evening bearable (cold feet).

Sorry to be such a moan and may have brought it on myself but I would be grateful for any advice.


Rona confused




Hello Rona,

I suffer with fatigue every day and find I have to work around it. Do a bit, rest, do a bit more then rest again. And so it goes on. As far as your meds are concerned I cannot comment as I haven't experienced them but am sure the others on here will help.

Don't worry about moaning or ranting that's what we're all here for, each other.

Take care.



Hi Rona,

Almost everyone I know was born at the beginning of the year (incl me), so for the last two weekends in Jan and all the weekends in Feb I have had something on, mainly birthday nights out.  I'm still shattered, and I took the Mondays off, also a whole week at the beginning of March.  I only work 16 hours a week, but I'm on my own, so trying to keep the house in order, and look after my pets (2 cats, 1 dog), and look after me, and go to work has been a real challenge recently.  You're not alone, but you must realise that you will take longer to recover from stuff, go and see your GP to rule out anything else, but I think that you're just feeling the effects of your busy few weeks.

You'll get there,

Luisa x

Morning, when I was first DX'd with MS, 5.5yrs ago, I wasn't put into a catagory, because my MS wasn't presenting it self in what my Neuro said was the normal way, now I think what is that, anyway, like you I suffer with balance, fatigue, (terrible at times), nerve pain, every day now, drives me nuts, numbness, pins and needles, a feeling of the whole of my right side buring up, and then freezing, mine has been a gradual, then 2yrs ago he finale gave me a tag SPMS, to late for DMD, I don't have relapses, but like you if I do too much I pay, I don't work anymore, at the time I was really upset, not anymore, because I can do the things I want and not be done in, really think about how you're pacing upself, if all the bloods come back ok, ask to see an OT to get some advice, in the meantime take it easy, and take care, Luv Jean x 

Fatigue is there every day for me.  I am not good at pacing myself although I try, but its difficult with 3 children, a step daughter at home every other weekend, a partner who works very odd hours.  I normally work but I've found it too hard recently and been signed off since october (ill health retirement was suggested but I'm not ready for that, I just need a good rest).  I pace my day.  Get up, get kids up and to school.  Come home and put baby to bed and I rest for an hour.  Do some form of activity then until lunch time, even if it requires regular breaks.  Feed my little one at 12, put her to bed at half past and then do nothing until I leave to pick the kids up from school.  Then starts mad time, lunch boxes, dinner, homework, bathtime.  Pretty soon after they are in bed I'm asleep and dribbling on the sofa.  Its been one of my biggest symptoms but its probably one of the hardest ones to deal with as others can't see it.  I can't even manage to carry the washing down the garden to hang it out on the line without needing a rest, or falling over!