I'm feeling quite run down today

I'm not feeling great today.  To be fair, I have been quite stressed these past few days as I've been preparing for exams.  I had a pretty tough exam this morning between 9 - 11.  I walked home afterwards, which is only about a 5 minute walk -- but within the first few minutes my back was hurting and I was feeling like I'd run a mile. 

So I want to put it down to the flu/stress/etc, but *at the same time* I'm constantly dropping things, running into walls (but only at night - I have basically NO night vision), tripping and catching myself (luckily, I've had no actual falls), and word recall problems again.

I see the neurologist on the 27th -- this is so dumb! I'm always second guessing myself now that the word "MS" has been thrown into the mix.  Before this, I'd just put it down to being clumsy or tired.  I still want to put it down to that, but am forever wondering "what if".   Knowing that I have a long road ahead either ruling out or being diagnosed with MS doesn't give me much hope. 

Maybe I'll have a more positive outlook after my appt. w/ the neuro.  nervous

What you have, you have. The best you can do is find out about your condition, what ever it is, and once it has a name, you can have access to things that can help, be it drug regimes, directed support or anything else that's available.  I hope you feel better soon - stress does strange things to us, I know (am trying to move house) and can make symptoms of just about anything worse I think.

Hope it's all ok!  And that the exam went well!

Being worried about one's health puts a strain even on nature's optimists.  I think you will be doing well if you can say to yourself, 'Right, I have been open about my health worries, I have a neurolgist appt in the diary next week, so I've done all I can do for now,'  and cross it off (literally cross it off) your to-do list.  You've done your bit for now.  Worry has done its job in prompting you to see the doctor.  It serves no further purpose except for clouding your days between now and then.  Knickers to that.  Do your best to set the worry aside and mark yourself off duty on that score.  It sounds silly, but I find it really can help!