Hi I know its possibly a very varied answer as everyone is different but how often do people have relapses? I had one in Jan/Feb now told im having a minor one again apparently (no steroids needed thankfully). I thought i had read the average was every couple of years? Kind Regards Emma

Hello Emma

There is no such thing as an average number of relapses I’m afraid. Just like essentially there’s no average MS. We may share some commonalities, some symptoms, a basic disease pattern within the three main types of MS (although even that’s open to difference/argument), but basically we are all individuals as to the number of relapses a person with RRMS has.

Having had one earlier in the year and another now doesn’t sound like a lot of relapses to be honest. Some people end up having relapse after relapse.

Are you on a disease modifying drug (DMD)? If not, and you are having reasonably frequent relapses (even if it were just one every year or two in my opinion), perhaps you should be.


Hi Sue Thank you for your reply…yes i did think that would be the case…i think i just confused myself with what i had read and also the neurologist thought i was a mild case so was surprised to have another so soon. To be honest i hadnt recovered fully from the first though im aware im quite lucky in that my symptoms are not as severe as they could be though issues with vision and walking are quite difficult to deal with when you have an active 3 year old to run around after! Im not on any DMDs as neurologist wanted to take a wait and see approach which im fine with as they have side effects. Thanks again for your reply. Kind Regards Emma