How long do everybody's relapses last?

Hi, I have recently been Dx with rrms & just wondered how long everyone’s relapses last. It’s probably a silly question as everyone is different & everyone’s symptoms are different. My symptoms usually last between 2 & 6 weeks on average in the last 12 years & I usually have about 4 a year. Will they go on 4 longer as time goes on? Thanks, Kate

Hi Kate, Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. As you’ve already guessed, there is no “normal”. They can last from days to months. I’m told the average is five or six weeks, so yours seem pretty average, so far. I don’t think there’s any evidence they tend to lengthen as the disease progresses. Mine have so far tended to be on the long side (months) but I don’t think that’s any predictor they always will be. Tina x

Hi I’m having my first relapse 16 weeks now , although symptoms have improved a lot still have problems with legs & arms and eyes. But I’m new to this awaiting DX so not sure how this MS thing works Gray

Hi kate i wondered this myself as hubbys first syptoms havent gone away but stayed since then has developed speech/swallowing problems and more problems with his manhood.Neurologist said in july 2013 he didnt think it was active so why are symptoms still present? as brain scan he looked at was from september 2012.Are symptoms that stay as sign of the type of ms not sure.xx julie

Hi :slight_smile:

I’m not dx yet, but if what I have been having are relapses then my last episode lasted for 3 months and I am still left with a few problems xx

Thanks for your replies, another question - when I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago I was not expecting the diagnosis, not then anyway as I was told previously that I probably had Menieres Disease among other things. Consequently I was shocked & didn’t ask as many questions as I wanted to. Will the ms nurse be able to help me with treatment, questions about the Mri scan & how the neuro came to this diagnosis? She will be contacting me soon I believe, she is on hol at the moment. Thanks, Kate.