rrms relapses has got me worried.

I had 2relapses in very short distance & had to do 6 days on metyl-pred, I didn’t respond to the 1st 3shots and was waiting for a bed to come free at salford hope hosp for a plasma transfusion. I responded to the steroids in the end but now have a worry because I’ve not been "visiting the toilet for a number 2 & can go days & visited my gp and got stuff to put in my drink but still nothing, am I best to ring my neuro nurse & ask them as I little concerned now

Are you worried about the relapses or constipation? There are lots of threads with suggestions for stopping constipation - personally I take a tablespoon of split linseeds with every meal and am pretty regular and soft (or my poo is - I’m hard as nails).

As far as the relapses are concerned, are you on a dmd? If you’re not, you might try and get put on one. If you are on something, you might want to get onto something better. I recommend Tysabri, in either case. Most effective drug, infusion once a month.

Its not the relapse that’s worrying me at all I’m on capoxone & going onto tysabri I had my JC test last week, its mainly the toilet situation I’m worrying about as I’m taking laxatives but still not much different.

hi martin

have you been seen at the bowel and bladder clinic? you can self refer or ask your gp.

they recommend movicol so if you arent taking this already, ask your gp.

linseeds are recommended by my ms nurse.

i take milk of magnesia - bit of a retro thing, we were given it as kids in the 60’s!

i also note that certain meds make me bloated and constipated - gabapentin seems to be the culprit.

once in a while i’ve been so bad that when i eventually “go” i want gas and air!!

good luck

carole x