Hello everyone I am supporting my husband who is due to meet the specialist as he has a prognosis of MS. It has been in his notes since 2016 following two MRIs however, we were failed to be notified and found out accidentally when he presented to A&E a few weeks ago following a week of severe stomach cramps (we thought it was appendicitis). He is not on any medication as of yet but is relapsing again and struggling badly with stomach cramps and being impacted. He has tried many laxatives and pain relief but is not getting any better. Does anyone know of any suggestions for this so I can help him through this xx


With regard to bowel impaction, constipation and stomach cramps, he should see the GP. They can prescribe something for ongoing constipation like Movicol (also known as Laxido or Magrocol) a gentle laxative that you take daily mixed with water.

It can also be used successfully for bowel impaction, you take 6 to 8 sachets mixed with a couple of litres of water over a few hours.

If this doesn’t work, the GP can prescribe suppositories or mini enemas to help shift the impaction.

It is utterly miserable being so bunged up. And while you are trying to deal with an MS diagnosis and all the emotion that goes with that, the least you can expect is freedom from severe constipation. Unfortunately, it affects many people with MS. If he can’t get into a regular routine with the GPs help, he could get a referral to the Community Bowel and Bladder Service.

I suggest you/he gets an urgent appointment with the GP or practice nurse tomorrow so that he can get something sorted before the weekend.


being bunged up can also lead to incomplete emptying of the bladder carrying risk of a UTI.

ask the GP or nurse to check this.

poor bloke, it is such a miserable way to be.

hope the gp helps.

the bladder and bowel clinic were really helpful for me.

you can self refer.