Ropinirole patches (Neupro)

Hi Everyone! Has anyone else had these patches prescribed for leg pains? I was on them for 7 months & the side effects are horrendous! Had to stop them last november, but still suffering from bad bruising on my calves, (very unsightly, its summer!!) & my vertigo/dizziness is considerably worse. My iron is also in my boots & dropping! They have ruled out a clot (thankfully) but I have to say I seem to have new problems everyday! Waiting to see a Haemotologist at mo as I am absorbing medication to quickly into my bloodstream hence not being able to take Gabapentin etc. The last ones were Carbamazepine & the rash was lovely, not!!! These patches are used for Parkinsons. Be very interested to know if anyone else is as odd as me!! Looking forward to replies

Don’t know, Tracey, but reading the title of your post raised my eyebrows - I thought that was the thing cads with dastardly moustachios slipped into innocent maidens’ vodka so they could have their wicked way. But that’s something different, isn’t it?

Anyway, I hope they get to the bottom of your problems very soon.

Sorry to go off-topic, but the name of the drug did make me do a double take and give me a smile!



Cheers Alison! I knew I was odd!! sure their peed off with me moanin & they givin me anythin!!! I,ll stick to my cider me thinks!!!


l was put on these ‘patches’ by a neuro a few years ago. They made me feel dreadful so l stopped using them.

l had forgotten about them until reading your post. These ‘neuros’ treat us- with ms-like guinea pigs. The leaflet that came with the Ropinirole was frightening enough. Alison thought it was Rohipnol - [not sure of spelling] - we might have been better off with that. At least we could sleep all night without pain!!!


Thank you Campion! was begining to think they had just gave em me to shut me up!!! Seem to be still living with the consequences of these “poison” medication. Think guinea pigs are shown more compassion than we are!!! They wonder why I drink!!!