My feet hurt and I ache all over :(

Well today, my vision is terrible.. blurred and double vision, and both feet are hurting so much. Already taken a Tramadol pill, but they still hurt . Have just put on the thickest socks I can find but they are still buzzing, tingling, aching and feeling very heavy. It hurts to walk too :(

Its not just my feet that hurt, my back aches and the twitches are almost constant so now my neck and shoulder hurt on the right side. Numb patches are everywhere today, face, neck, ear, thumbs, little fingers, knees, elbows. 

I have decided that today I am having a pyjama day as do not have the energy to get dressed. Going to watch movies (if my poor sight allows it) all day.

Hope everyone is having a good day xx

Sorry to hear you're having a bad day so at least you're doing the right thing in listening to what your body is telling you to do. Let's hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

Take care


Sorry to hear you're having a bad day! I needed a pyjama day last week. Don't cook, watch movies and just relax. Hope you feel better soon.X

Thank you people :D

Forgot to say (memory eh) that all night long and today my bottom is buzzing too :( a really weird sensation, as it buzzes when I sit down and am seated, and it buzzes when I lay down. Have had two nights of hardly any sleep (hour to hour and half) because of the aching and buzzing; which is no good for the dreadful fatigue I have had for 3 months xx

Sorry I dont know your story,are you in a a relapse?

If not dx make sure you keep a note of whats happening and have you got symptom relief meds?

The weather is so awful today a pj day sounds the ticket to me anyway.

Hang in there


Hi Pip.. no, not dx yet and seeing neuro for the first time next week. I am on amiltriptylene 25mg, tramadol 500mg, and propranolol 10mg so yes have meds, but nothing is touching the aching today. Perhaps its because I walked round Tesco yesterday with my Mum? Is hard to relax today tho as feeling rubbish xx

Yep that may well have something to do with it.

Def keep a record for your neuro visit.

Its so sad the pay off resulting from doing something we always took for granted.

I do have to say starting on Baclofen aswell as the Amitriptyline helped my legs big time. I have never dared to take Tramadol as paracetamol send me to sleep.

Hope all goes well with neuro.


Thanks Pip.

Tramadol doesnt contain paracetamol (I am allergic to paracetamol) and I am hoping that the Amiltriptyline dose will be upped so that I can get some sleep.

P x

Sorry your having a bad day…but glad you mentioned a buzzy botty!

I have had that today and thought I might be going slightly mad, I have buzzy hands, feet face and even hoo ha, but botty was new to me today!

Really weird, I feel like people can SEE it, I know mad!

Hope you feel better soon


Hi and thanks Pollyp

I know what you mean about people seeing it! I feel like Im shaking all over most of the time and I am actually shaking internally (if that makes sense). Buzzy bot is definitely the weirdest symptom I have had tho xx


Hi and thanks Pollyp

I know what you mean about people seeing it! I feel like Im shaking all over most of the time and I am actually shaking internally (if that makes sense). Buzzy bot is definitely the weirdest symptom I have had tho xx

[/quote] Yeh know what you mean by shaking internally, makes me feel quite odd, my children have noticed the tremors that I am having at the mo, upsets them a bit. I am sure if I told them about my buzzy botty they would giggle. Enjoy you pj day Ppx

I get the feeling in my bottom as well and my (as Polly calls it lol) hoo ha .It doesnt last long but very numb and tingly etc .(ps not in a good way lol)

Sam xx

It is funny isnt it that symptoms I have had for years now seem to be relevant; whereas even 6 months ago I hadnt mentioned things to my GP as thought it was just me getting older (Im 48).

Glad Im not on my own with the buzzy bot :D xx

I had buzzy and numb bottom in my first episode. It was really uncomfy sitting when at its worst I had to slouch or lean on the other but cheek that was okay! I really thought it was crazy at the time - and I wen to work through it! Suffice to say I got a few strange looks off my patients!

Oooh I sooo don't want it going to my botty!!!! confused Feet, legs and pelvis is bad enough thanku! 

I'm going to show off now tounge....I had enough energy to do a bit of gardening after work today happyfloweryay yay yay - maybe the steroids worked after all.


PS NEVER mention buzzy bottoms in customs!

Hope your feeling a bit better now?

OMG I’m so glad I found this post, my botty buzzes/tingles as well along with my hoo ha (thanks Polly). I thought I was going mad!!! It’s not all the time but a majority of it.

sitting is very uncomfortable, feels at times like your “perching” on the seat, if that makes sense.

Am def going to mention it to Neuro on Monday, along with my list as long as your arm!!

Sarah xx

Hi Sarah (and everyone) 

I have my first neuro app next Tuesday and as I feel so poorly at the moment I too am taking a very long list with me. Will Monday be your first appointment

The buzzing had died down a bit from late last night, so I at least got a few hours sleep. But today its back again and I will no doubt be having another uncomfortable day. The tremors and twitches are still here and I am kind of hoping they stay till Tuesday so the neuro sees them. My eyes are still bad - blurry and double vision - which makes doing anything difficult.

I am supposed to be going to my friends 50th birthday party tomo so I hope to be well enough to go even if just for an hour. Will be good to get out of the house.

Hope everyone is having a good day xx