I currently use crutches but it’s getting more and more difficult.

Whilst at Physio the other day, my walk was timed and had increased from 16 seconds to 24 seconds since the last time (a month ago). The physio then got me to try with a rollator and I clocked at 14 seconds.

Now here’s the thing, I work full time in an open plan office. Rightly or wrongly, I think of rollators as being used at home, in hospitals or in care homes. I’ve never seen one used in a place of work. People don’t seem to bat an eyelid when they see someone on crutches or in a wheelchair but I would feel extremely self conscious with a rollator.

So, does anyone use them in a work environment?

Fabs if it makes life easier you should go for it and remain a valuable employee. I did not get a rollator until after I left work. If your colleagues and company are ok with wheel chairs or crutches then a rollator should be fine. Self conscious is for people who can afford to fall over (which is much more embarrassing) I would recommend a 4 wheeler with a seat, and one which is light enough and easy to fold. Good luck Mick

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Thanks Mick

You’re right of course but we humans are a funny bunch.


i have used a rollator at work for 5 months. I work in an open plan office too on the ground floor. My team are on the 1st floor. There is a lift. I can now get to the 1st floor for meetings because of the wheels. I used to wall walk but can now just use the rollator.

My walking is quicker and safer. My rollator is a fold-up so not too OAPish with a canvas seat and lightweight.

i say go for it. No negative comments from colleagues



That’s really good to hear Neil, thanks.

I actually mentioned it to a colleague today and she said “well, it’d be better than watching you struggle and waiting for you to fall over!”. So that told me.

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nice one

Wonder how long the referral will take

i use my rollator at work and colleagues are surprised with my walking speed. without it i would be falling and crashing into walls.

Diamond Drive is the one i have and fold up with a lift of the seat just like a wheelchair. makes it easy when getting through narrow spaces too.

go for it - it will keep you in work longer :slight_smile:

Casey C

l have a Topro Olympus - had it a few years. lt is suitable for taking outside and use over rough ground. So a good solid piece of kit that folds up easily. lt means l can do so much more then l could before - always have a seat for when l feel the need - and a large storage bag that carries so much.

Keeps me safe and upright - certainly cannot walk with crutches or sticks.

Thanks Casey & Spacey

My physio asked me to let her know and she’d do a referral so I’ll see where that gets me