I am now dependant on my rolator outside & will need it for work, it is a red NHS one in a moment of madness I got out the acrylic paints and decorated it, I have daisy chains and forget me nots on the framework, the paint has withstood the weather and being pulled in &out of the car. No one else has a walker like mine he he, now when I think someone is starring at me, its not me its my lovely rolator.

Pauline xx

Oh Pauline that’s fab!!! A few years ago an artist friend, who worked in an old people’s hospital ward, did the same with all sorts of stuff… walkers, wheelchairs, sticks… they were exhibited at the hospital. It’s a great idea… I do have stickers on my mob scooter… my favourite is I LOVE MY HARLEY… lol… Brilliant idea! Pat xx

Sounds great Pauline…what a shame we can’t post photos on here! Nina x

Sounds lovely

Sonia x