Robotic Walking and r wheelchairs needed?

Hi…I can walk bout 100metres slowly, jerkily,unsteady…I know that it isnt a gud look…I furniture walk and wall walk alot…I have just recovered from a bad pull in my back and have had a couple close falling shaves…I dont want or need to be in wheelchair all the time but wondering wud I be better in one outside .Also believe that the sight of a wheelchair encourages the philantrophic side of general public…r maybe a scooter for boot of car??

Hi Rose, first off, I had to look up the word philanthropic!

So I only see the meaning as a good one. But I do understand your dilemma at this crossroads in your journey.

I have used both wheelchairs and scooters and havent encountered much difference, as regards to how I have been treated by Joe Public. Both pretty good on the whole.

Now as to your walking difficulties…I hope I can offer some reassuring advice, going by my own experiences.

This wall and and furniture walking I know very well. I reckon there are oodles of us here, who also know what that`s like.

My walking ability declined quite rapidly and I had so many trips and falls that my safety became a constant concern for myself and others around me. I once fell into a glass porch at work and frightened myself silly!

I do think you should carefully consider using some form of wheels outside now. Do you have a shopmobility office where you could borrow a scooter and see how you go? I did this for a while and then bought my own scooter. I still have my sturdy steed, who is now 12 years old!

These days I prefer to use a wheelie outside, as I can get closer up to tables in restaurants and take up less room too.

I use an electric wheelie both in and outdoors too.

Good luck in your travels and remember…safety first!

luv Pollx

Hi Rose,

Its a dilemma when you get to this stage. I decided I had to be in a wheelchair when I was falling up to 20 times a day and had difficulty with my breathing when trying to walk. I’ve tried a number of different mobility sccooters and wheelchairs and now have a electric wheelchair that I can get around in. I personally find wheelchairs better than mobility scooters mainly because they are easier to negotiate smaller spaces. Its given me back my freedom and I hope it helps you.

If you need any advise please PM me.

Best wishes, Mary

Hi Rose,

When I was at this stage I was fairly “lucky” because my daughter gave me an ultimatum “Get a wheelchair or I’m not going out with you” It sounds harsh but it was the push I needed. (pun not intended!) The wheelchair (manual) came out whenever we needed to cover a lot of ground or when I was too fatigued to go on.

The next hurdle was my daughter’s wedding. I couldn’t expect the bride to push me round so I bought a 2nd hand electric chair

It wasn’t a hard and fast rule – one minute walking the next always in a wheelchair. I just used the wheelchair when appropriate. I’m SP now and have deteriorated over the last couple of years to the point that I use my chair (a newer better one) outside 100% of the time. I try to walk inside as much as I can but this is getting less and less.

Most people try a scooter first. I did. It gives you bags of independence. I use a chair because I can go in taxis and public transport with it. Unlike Poll I have found a marked difference in attitude to the chair and the scooter. People are much nicer to me when I am in my chair but this may have to do with the preponderance of scooters in my little market town and oh boy some of the drivers are right numpties!

Using wheels is the best feeling in the world – for the first time in ages you can whiz along in perfect safety. No falling and no fatigue.