Robbie Carlyle film

Hello all, How are yer ? Back around the time the hammer fell, I saw a film called Go Now. His character is diagnosed with ms… Anyone seen it ? I haven’t since, but thought it was ok ? Accurate ? More on his coming to terms if I recall. Take care, Andy

I did see it, years ago. In fact a friend sent it to me on a video tape so that’s how long ago it was. If I remember right, I thought he did it quite well without being too over dramatic.

I’d like to see it again, many years on from diagnosis, to see if it looks different now.

I’ve not heard of this, I’ll make a point of watching it if I see it on TV though :slight_smile:

Just looked on ebay. I don’t think it has been released on dvd. The trailer for it is on YouTube though.

I remember watching this years ago before diagnosis-didn’t know anything about MS then!!!

There’s a Facebook page…Go Now Project… Go Now - Home | Facebook

Sadly, it seems the film is not available on DVD.


Good shout Ben !! Wasn’t aware of it

Have`t seen it…but am a big fan of RC!


Hey Boudica? How are yer ? Is that because he’s never played a roman character ? :wink: Take care, Andy

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Haha, nice ;D