RIP Tanya LWL Downs

tanya downs started a facebook page Ladies with Lesions.

she offered support and smiles to other women with ms.

she died in a hit and run a couple of days ago.

there are so many members of her group who are grieving her loss.

the world has lost a wonderful, kind, supportive, strong woman.

some of the local members of LWL are going for a meal (arranged weeks ago) on friday so will raise a glass to her.

carole x

Really sad news,she was such an inspiration.RIP Tanya.

J x

RIP Tanya

I didn’t know the lady, personally or indirectly (online), but that is very sad. Why do these things seem so often to happen at Christmas, too? Her family’s future Christmases will always be overshadowed by this.

If nothing else, I suppose it demonstrates how we can spend so much time dwelling on “how ill” we are (not that I’m suggesting that was the case with Tanya), but then be overtaken by something completely unforeseeable and unrelated. At least, I assume the accident was completely unconnected with her MS, and one of those horrid “might happen to anyone” things.

It does put things into perspective, sometimes, doesn’t it? That MS might not be the thing that gets you, and worse things do happen.

Not that that’s a particularly cheery thought, but we can spend years assuming we know what our greatest enemy is, but it turns out not to be that at all. :frowning: Must try to make every day count.




That’s so sad Carole. I hope they get the bas***d that did it.

RIP Tanya and thank you for all you did.

Shazzie xx

thanks all

i never met her in person but jennifer (known to shazzie) did.

a new shining star to look for in the night sky!


carole x

Very sad Carole. Thanks for letting us know xx