Hi everyone, Looking for some advise,I thought I was bitten by a insect I got some cream and now it has a circle around it.Went to the chemist he said just keep applying the cream,he didn’t look at my leg.I just feel unwell I have a sore throat and just feel tired.Any advise please I have ms just wondering if it has caused a infection.

Hi, is this actually an MS question, or are you worried about lyme disease (an MS lookalike)?

Lyme disease is transmitted by tics, and the infection site can resemble a target or bullseye - red in the centre, then a ring of white, then a red outer ring. Ringworm is a fungal infection, and quite unrelated. It doesn’t come from an insect bite, and doesn’t have the same angry, target appearance.

I don’t think any insect bite with a ring around it is always lyme disease - it might just be some kind of allergic reaction. It might be worth a visit to the doctor, just in case, though.


If you suspect an infection, It’d probably be wise to visit your GP.

As tiredness is typical of MS, that’s a symptom that may have nothing to do the insect bite. But do tell, why have you named this thread ‘Ringworm’? Presumably because that suspicion has crossed your mind.

As far as I know, Ringworm doesn’t cause a sore throat !! It may well be that your MS has caused you to be run-down and that may be the cause of the sore throat.

Best advice I could offer is to go and see your GP!

Good luck and wishing you well,


Is there a walk in centre near you ? If it may be infected, I would get along there. Catherine Xx