Hello all, I've been obsessively trawling the internet looking up MS and I've come across it's similarities with Lyme disease.  Well I can see there is controversy but...about two years ago I went to my doctor with two big bullseye rashes on my inner thighs (very embarassing).  Think I'm going to pop back down to GP tomorrow and see if it's worth pursuing.  Anyone have any views on this?  Love to all, SB x

Definitely worth a trip to the GP (and an argument if necessary!) to get tested. I don't know what the timings are for Lyme disease, but those rashes sound consistent from the little I know. And Lyme and MS can present very similarly.

Karen x

Hi, I wrote two posts to yesterday but they went awol. Yes definitely bring the bullseye rash up with your GP. Lyme disease is increasing in the UK and not many Dr's are even aware of it.

My daughter studied borrelia as part of her university course. A few years ago in one of our local papers there was an article about a woman who was losing her vision, unable to walk and was poorly. She was transferred to Sunderland where the leading expert on Lyme in the UK was working at the time. He diagnosed her with Lyme disease.

This is a good site as it also has a section for Dr's. It also gives a long list of disorders that Lyme can mimic.

Let us know how you get on.

Jacqui x



I thought that if you were being investigated for MS, they checked for lyme disease automatically?  Isn't it one of the standard blood tests?

Not at all controversial, as far as I know; just one of many "lookalikes" that has to be excluded.


Thank you all, I saw GP today.  Apparantly I haven't been tested for Lyme.  He was extremely patronising (not my normal lovely GP) and wanted to insist that Lyme is only found in upland woodland areas of US...still, he's requested a blood test for me - my rash was truely identical.  It's listed as ringworm on my notes (in 2010) but I've looked up both and I'm convinced it was Lyme (llarger of the two was about 8 inches big and the other was probably 5 inches).  I shall keep you posted. xx

Hi, I'm pleased he's ordered the blood test. However it can come back negative and still be Lyme disease.

Lyme is not just found in the USA, it's found worldwide.

This is from the Health protection Agency showing an increase in reported Lyme cases in the UK. You could even print it off and show it to the GP.

If your rash was itchy and scaly it was more likely to be ringworm. I know people who have MS and Lyme disease but they do live in the USA.

Jacqui x

Thank you!  I will let you know about the test, I had the blood taken today.  There was no itch or scaliness tho it was hot... I'm thinking Lyme is very probable but wish I'd hit on something simpler!  Lyme seems to be no less of a bugger than MS  in terms of diagnosis and long term antibiotics are no joke (tho better to have something curable of course.)  To have BOTH!! Nighmare.  Many thanks for tips Jacqui :)