Lyme Disease

Hi everyone, I have ms,well a about six weeks ago I was bitten and got Lyme disease.I had three weeks of antiobiotics but am not feeling to well my throat feels strange.Has anyone had Lyme disease and got any advice what to do.I had a cause of Doxycillclin.Even though my blood was clear I had the bullseye rash. Thanks in advance

Is this a joke

Hi, I dunno why Nazra would ask if this is a joke. i`m sure you wouldnt post such a thing as a joke, eh?

From what Ive read, if someone who has been bitten and Lymes Desease is the result, then anti-biotics cure it. Is this correct?

I hope so as you have enough to cope with, eh?


So far as I am aware antibiotics will only cure Lyme disease in the early stages. It is not a joke because Lyme’s often diagnosed as MS in the first instance. If you join one of the Lyme’s disease message boards you may get more useful information. Lyme and Rife maybe is a good start for a group to look out for.

In the wary stages of lymes disease they prescribe antibiotic in tablet from - in the later stages they give you antibiotics intravenously. So if there’s no response to the tablet from speak to the gp/consultant about whether you need intravenous antibiotics.

Sorry that was meant to say early stages not wary stages! Blooming iPhone corrective texting!!

This is NOT a joke - the poster (already a diagnosed MSer) has posted before, at the time of being bitten, and developing the characteristic rash.

Although Lyme disease & MS have characteristics in common, that is not the issue here as the poster already knows they have MS. Then they recently got bitten by a tick on top of that, and have been treated with antibiotics.

To the original poster: it’s just possible you have a virus unconnected with the insect bite. Viruses do not respond to antibiotics. And MS does not usually cause a sore throat!

Having said that, I’ve had one all week - I don’t think it’s MS (or Lymes!) but there seems to be a lot of it about just now.

If you are still feeling poorly, I can only suggest going back to the doctor, and telling them what you’ve told us. They’ll probably either put you back on antibiotics, in case the first lot didn’t work, or start looking for other causes.


[quote=“Nazra”] Is this a joke [/quote] Hi Nazra. No it isn’t a joke,I wouldn’t post such a thing for a joke. I have ms and also had Lyme disease.

Thankyou to everyone for your advise. It is very much appreciated.