Right side temp loss

Evening all,

Wondering if I can see if any one else has had an issue I’m having ?

For or the last 4 weeks every morning I wake up and I have lost feeling ( well the pins and needles) in my right hand . At first it thought I must be sleeping on it but realise I have not. It normally comes back after 30 mins ish.

And in the last 4 days I have had the issue where all of a sudden my right side goes weak, and if feels like im I’m in slow motion, my face feels weak , I can’t lift my arm properly feels like I have been injected with lead. It leaves me feeling really weird . Almost like I’ve had a panic attack or something. It has only lasted for about 2 minutes

It started off a couple times but today it’s happened like 7 times . One was in the middle of an important meeting and I thought I was going to pass out.

Im eating properly so not low sugar. I’ve been on tecfidera since Jan and had no issues with that apart from funny tummy .

I guess im wondering is this an MS thing or a different thing?

Anna xAx

Hi Anna,

I usually have numb fingers/hands on waking, but it eases quickly once I’m awake and moving.

I’m reasonably confident mine is, and has always been an MS thing, although I’ve never had it independently investigated.

I learnt from others here that it may help to sleep with your hands as low as possible - if you sleep curled up on your side, even wedging them between your knees, for example, so there’s less tendency to move them up to chest or even face height, as you sleep. I don’t know why, but keeping them low does seem to help.

Prior to diagnosis, I even woke up with a complete numb arm one morning. Like you, I assumed I must have slept awkwardly, but I’m sure, now, it was part of MS. The arm was like a dead piece of meat - useless and flailing about everywhere - knocking everything from the bedside table onto the floor.

It quickly resolved once I was up and about, so I never really worried about it.

It occurs to me you may be having a mild relapse, if these things are new for you. You may want to report it, as it may have a bearing on whether tecfidera is right for you.

I can’t say I really get the other things you describe, but I am so used to the morning numbness, I never treat it as a relapse, and just legacy damage, though I’m always mystified what happens when I’m asleep, to make things go numb, that doesn’t also happen when I’m awake.