Right Calf Spasm

I take Tizanidine as I get extensor spasms and kicks at night but more frequently I am getting spasms in my calves, mostly but not exclusively the right .

It’s so sore that I could happily amputate my leg when it happens.
I have PPMS and wondering if this is starting to progress a bit.

Can anyone offer advice on how to deal with the spasms? What do you do, any way to release the muscle etc?


Are you experiencing a cramping type pain? In which case you can try extending the leg out fully and lifting your foot up towards you (as if you were stood on it) I’ve found if you can get on it quickly it can lessen the pain.

Thanks, I’ll certainly give it a bash :+1:

Do you take magnesium? Many people find that it’s really helpful for cramps.