richard the third

i’m a very strange person.

i’m fascinated by this old plantagenet king.

maybe because his autopsy showed his disabilities - arthritis, scoliosis and marfan syndrome.

my 25 yr old son has been tested for marfan’s so it feels like i have a connection.

anyway i recorded it because the rest of the family aren’t interested.

carole x


Hi Carole Don’t think you are strange at all. I’m fascinated to, not just by this but everything from the past. Love programmes like Time Team and the programmes they had on the Ice Mummies, I was in my element. I think I’m a frustrated archaeologist and also the ones who deal with ancient dead bodies (they have a proper name, can’t remember what it is though) Cherry x

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l too, have found it all very intriguing - They found descendants in Australia. And most of them came over to England to be there at the funeral. Dominic Cumberbatch also is a descendant.

Can you imagine the feeling when someone knocks your door and announces that you are a descendant of the King of England.

Science can be wonderful. All the technology that can trace peoples ancestry. And also can tell what illnesses and disabilities they have.

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I’m from yorkshire. Richard of York, york Minster, need I say more?

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i watched The White Queen when it was on telly.

then bought the book. by phillippa gregory.

all the political intrigue of the war of the roses.

that earl of warwick was a pr**k and a half!

glad you don’t think i’m strange

carole x