Rhyme chime


Can the entire art of written and verbal communication be pigeon holed into rhyming phrases?

This is something a little light-hearted for the weekend. It was inspired by Boudica’s car and Poppy’s ear worm posts.

Best wishes, Steve


Macky D’s please, before I sneeze.

The ejaculation of chicken bits all over the surrounding folks, is a sign from the vegan gods.

Pleasant words typed Steve. Have fun with the phrases that unlock the spirits & set them free.

Wondering down the corridors of power, with a shuffle & a jolt.

It’s a bland game this lie. Boots & cats, chitty, bang & woosh.

Terry Toweling, after a shower.

Nice one Steve

Sonia x

Very good Steve, I had a laugh at the crowds tearing and sharing the loaves and the fishes …it sounds like a food fight. Xx