return to work ?

Hi New to this , I have been off work for 5 months . Going to half pay soon . Had first neurology apt. Waiting for scans, LP and vps to be done . I have felt a little better the last week , feel I need to back to work for money reasons . Am I doing the right thing or should I wait for results ? Don’t feel totally right , I might end up going back off sick . Is this the best I will feel , I’m scared of the unknown and fed up been ill.

Hi Peter I’ve been off for nearly six months now. But am in process of claiming DLA and when I go to half pay shortly, I will claim contribution based ESA which will help. Xx

Hi Peter,

What is company policy re: long term sick? As you feel ‘a little better’ will they allow a structured back to work plan where you work only a couple of hours a day for say, 2 days a week. Then build up the amount of hours.

I think if you feel well enough, it is a good thing to be working.

How long before you actually have the scans and LP?

It’s a tricky thing to get right. Does your place have an occupational health officer / department? Maybe speak to them if there is?

Going straight from zero to full time is not usually a great move so it’s probably best to test the waters carefully.

When you do go back, please make sure you don’t try and do everything at your pre-whateveritis pace. Take your time, take regular breaks (before you get tired), take a full lunch break, rest when you can and don’t promise tight deadlines that will add pressure and workload. With practice, you’ll discover what is and isn’t necessary and what your limits are (which you should try to stay strictly within!).

Karen x

Hi Peter,

Yes it’s an awful question; dam if you do, dam if you don’t. MS; or in your case a neurological problem can be nasty and bite you back if you do not obey the restrictions it lays down.

I would say wait until you’re well again but obviously financial restrictions bring stress on; something no one needs. If you do decide to go back ask for restricted hours at first; say 2 hours per day and build up from there.

Also if you need any help like taxis to and from; helper worker; special furniture; infrastructure changes; computer software/hardware speak to you do not need to be diagnosed.

Good luck