Retrofitting car adaptations

Hi all!

I’m going through a driving assessment process to get some advice on adaptations to get me driving again. I’m expecting that the outcome will be mods to the foot pedals, which will require me to buy a new car as the current is not an automatic.

That’s all fine and under control and I am sure I will eventually sort it all out (can hardly wait to get behind the wheel again!)

But it occurred to me in my new, more positive frame of mind that I really don’t want to get rid of my lovely campervan (a Mazda Bongo / Ford Freda). It’s already an automatic, so I wouldn’t need to if I can get modifications retrofitted to it.

I do plan to ask the experts when I have my driving assessment - self-funded so I intend to get my money’s worth! - but wondered whether you guys had experience of getting mods retrofitted into a beloved vehicle?

Thanks in advance!

Angela x

hi Angela,

Here is a list of adaptions; what they cost and who from


I think the prices that motability quote are for getting them fitted at the beginning of a motability lease. I know if you need them fitting during a lease they cost more. Unfortunately I’ve no idea how much they cost for a vehicle that isn’t owned by motability. Hopefully not too much!

Sarah x

Thank you. I’m not eligible for motability anyway so hoping the assessment will provide answers!

Just been looking at a Vaxhaul Movano with bunk beds & a kitchen for peanuts.

They’re classed as works sleeper van & you wouldn’t believe what could be salvaged for a vehicle.

They’re called a donar for people making adaptions. Like an ex ambulance is.

Think outside the box. Happy trails.


I drive an automatic Fiesta, which I bought myself coming up to 8 years ago. I had the push pull hand controls fitted by a company round the corner from where I work. I had an indicator switch fitted on to the top of the hand control and a separate ‘golf ball’ type of device attached to the steering wheel, to grip in my left hand to help me steer and control the car.

It took them a couple of days to fit the controls and cost me £530. I didn’t have to pay VAT. When the controls start to work a bit loose, as they do every couple of years, I take the car back and one of their mechanics tightens things up again for free.

As the garage I bought the car from was also close by, it was all sorted out very seamlessly and could not have been easier to arrange.

I hope this helps. I am sure you will have companies near you from which you can get advice and quotes.

all the best



You inspired me to buy a truck steering wheel knob. Very handy on days when strength is in short supply.