motorbility cars & adaptions

Hi,I am currently looking at motability vehicles and would like some advice from people that may have an adapted vehicle.

I have ppms and currently struggle with a manual 308,I was looking at an automatic golf and was thinking about manual controls for brake and accelarator,but how easy is it to pick up the use of these controls.

Motability have said they can send me to a driving centre if I want,just wondering if anyone had experience of these controls.

thanks for your help.


Hi, I got a push pull hand controlled brake accelerator fitted about 10 years ago. I just drove away from the garage with it, very easy to use and I’ve had no problems since. My car is an automatic. Sometimes people on here talk about having driving assessments so maybe you have to do that now, I don’t know but I’ve never done an assessment. I’m in Scotland and the DVLA do know about my ms.

You really need to go to a mobility centre to be assessed as to which adaptation would be best for you.

After an adaptation has been, fitted to your own car, you will need to have a driving assessment , by a DVLA approved assessor.

Don’t worry about the driving assessment, it is not a driving test, it is only to see that you have proper control of the vehicle.

The driving assessors are more interested in helping you to stay driving safely, than to stop you driving.

I have PPMS and have an auto car with, left foot accelerator fitted, which is classed as a left foot accelerator and brake adaptation, but there is no actual modification to the brake pedal, its just the way its classed, for the DVLA.

As the car is my own, not mobility, the adaptation cost was approx three hundred and fifty pounds, but well worth it.

Hope this is of some help.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I had switched to automatic cars over a decade back (from choice rather than neccessity) and would never go back even if I could.

I currently run a 407SW diesel, and regularly drive it using the Cruise Control with the fingers of my left hand. This does NOT, of course, simulate using hand braking. The big trick with an automatic is to do everything earlier, and more gently, but you can practice this style of driving with a manual 'box. Indeed, on rural roads, you can often go for many minutes without touching the brakes at all - just by letting up the throttle 200 yards earlier, and selecting the right gear 50 yards before the corner. Try it. As a bonus, it is usually more economical as well.


I had hand controls fitted to my automatic car three years ago. I had an NHS assessment, but I had to wait six months for it. The easier option is to take one or to lessons with BSM. The have cars with hand controls.
You’ll get used to it very quickly. I was very concerned initially, but really had no bother.