retro bulbar optic neuritis

symptoms all back including eye pain and blurring of vision. awaiting neurology appointment in September as ive already previously posted. decided to go to optician today for eye check and after full examination said i had retro bulbar optic neuritis. and will write to my GP. is this looking more likely that i have ms. would appreciate your thoughts and experiences x

Hi Serena!

Optic Neuritis is often the first sign of MS for many people but having it in no way says it is MS - if you know what I mean!

Optitons can’t really ‘officially’ diagnose ON only indicate their opinins in a referral letter to your GP. If I was you I wouldn’t wait for the optician to write then send a letter then the receptionist eventually get it to you GP and then the GP dictate a letter back to you to tell you to come in - long process!!

I would make an appointment now!

In fact how bad are your symptoms? If they are bad I would take myself down to A&E


Optitons!!! Optitons!! Eww! Sounds like friends of the Borg!!! xxx

ok thanks i can make an appointment to see GP.

got muscle spasms and pain in arms and legs, weakness of muscles, numbness in hands on and off, altered sensation in right leg, mid back and chest spasms, extreme tiredness , headache, eye pain. what do you think, do you think i should do something now. x

I’m no expert Serena but re the possibility of ON - yes - and I think your first port of call is your GP - as soon as you can get an appointment - as I said don’t just wait around for your optician to send that letter xxjenxx

thanks very much for the advise, ill phone my GP in the morning x