Optic Neuritis

So I’ve been diagnosed with Optic Neuritis (which is finally starting to get better!) and I have my first neuro appt next week as eye doctor said it could be a first MS sign.

I have had no other symptoms so this possible diagnosis has come out of the blue!

Has anyone here had ON as their first MS symptom? What can I expect from my first neuro appt next week?


PS Hello AH if you read this! :slight_smile:

Hi Many people diagnosed with MS do have ON as their first symptom / relapse. However, it is possible to have ON without MS. So don’t jump to the conclusion that you have MS on the basis that an eye doctor suggests it. MS is diagnosed only by a neurologist, and only after s/he has conducted a neurological exam, taken a history from you and done some other tests, including MRI and possibly lumbar puncture and / or visual evoked potentials. So the thing to do is wait for your neurology appointment next week, see what the neurologist says and if they think it’s possible MS, they will refer you for more tests. Sue

Hi mightymichymac, I had ON about 10 years ago. I had an MRI that showed scars on my brain and evoked potentials that came back positive (bad). I also have minor MS symptoms including mild muscle spasms, numbness and passages of clearly identifiable fatigue. The nuro I saw said that he “could” diagnose me with MS however the negatives would out way the benefits as there was no early/preventative treatment. His prognosis was that I had a above 90% chance of further instances. So my message to you is that regardless of diagnosis, try not to worry and get on with enjoying your time with a healthy body. My ON was a wake up call. Our bodies don’t last forever :slight_smile: My ON was 10years ago and since I have got fit lost weight and run 2 marathons. All the best Dave

Hi mightymichymac,

I think your eye doctor is jumping the gun more than a bit. No other symptoms except ON eh! Read this optic neuritis - multiple sclerosis encyclopaedia