Results of LP

Hi I am like many on here have been fighting whatever i have got for nearly 5 years. I have had a brain MRI and full spinal MRI which were clear Brain MRI 2009 ~Full Spinal MRI 2011 my main symptoms are spacicity in my lower legs mostly effecting my right leg I have been taking amitriptyline for a while now this helps me sleep. I can walk ok but feel i have just adapted to what has happened to my body. I have been waiting for 3 weeks for LP result and my helpful neuro sec has just informed me letter has gone to docs it apparently says no serious underlying neurological disease has been found. It does say that my potassium level is low. She obviously did not read it word for word and i have had previous experience of turning up at docs and different comments have been made. I cant see my doc till next thurs as she is on hol I feel to far in with everything to see anyone eslse at the surgery and i somehow feel i want to keep things private. My real probs started after a very nasty uti - i dont feel ive got any better and my instinct is to ask for another brain mri - transverse myelitus has not been totally ruled out but i think neuro said he would be able to tell from LP if i had had this. I was really hoping this would show something up and i suppose it may well still do when i see gp, i hate the extremes of this illness when you just dont know what to expecti dont want to keep putting myself thru test hence my delay with the lp by the way it was not half as bad as i expected. Fibro and CFS have also been mentioned Keep Well SH

There’s a lot of things that could explain your symptoms, but even if it’s transverse myelitis or MS, your life isn’t over :slight_smile: The knowing somethings wrong but not having a name for it is very frustrating though. Keep busy til your GP is back, and explain your concerns to them. Personally I wouldn’t start asking about it being MS, as some docs/neuros can start putting symptoms down to anxiety if they think you’ve been imagining the worst x

Hi my situation is similar to you. Spasticity in right leg main symptom - but I have dropped foot and cant flex my knee either which makes me walk with a spastic gait. I have a clear LP and there was one lesion on cervical cord in 2011 and 2012 but gone in 2013. Spasticity, foot drop still there! I am still waiting a dx too. Has your spasticity got worse over time?

Moyna xxx

thank you for your comments both. Yes Moyna my symptoms have got worse, they seem to fluctuate certain foods and weather effect me? What your next step Moyna ? have you had an EMG or EVP ? smhXx

Hi I have come to conclusion that I will never get to the bottom of it all. I have 6 monthly reviews and yearly MRI scans. I had radiation treatment for hodgkins lymphoma 23 years to glands in my neck and there is a possibility that some radiation hit my spinal cord area by mistake. One neuro thinks this yet another says impossible.

Do you have any issues like footdrop?

Moyna xxx

Hi Moyna - ~No I dont have footdrop at the moment - but I do get swollen ankles which seems to make stiffness worse.I to am like u 6 monthly checks with Neuro. Smh Xxx