LP Results back


I need some advice please :slight_smile:

I got my LP results at the doctors yesterday, they came back within normal range with one obligionical band showing so within normal range, the Neuro still wants to see me for an appointment within 6 weeks.

My question is what would he be able to tell me? My MRI showed 5 lesions on the brain which he said are consistant with MS, has anybody else been diagnoised with MS with clear LP with lesions on MRI?

I have been checked for all different things the last 3 years with all of them coming back negative, I just don’t know what else could be wrong with me?

My main symptoms are:

Legs and arms weak more so on left side (feels like I have ran a marathon)

Numbness in hands especially at night

Fatigue usually worse around 3ish

Feeling of liquid running down legs

Right side of face mostly daily has odd numb feeling with moderate pain and pins and needles

Muscle twitches mostly in legs daily

Can anyone tell me what might be next or experiences please.

Thanks in advance for reading post and taking an interest

Carla xx

Hi Carla.

A normal LP does not rule out MS. (About 5-10% of people with confirmed MS have negative LPs.)

Your neuro will (should!) know this and, although it might make him/her more cautious about diagnosing MS, the presence of multiple lesions on your MRI needs to be explained. If they are typical of MS and your history, symptoms and clinical exam results are also typical of MS, then MS is the most likely cause.

Try not to worry about it. (Yeah, I know!)

Hopefully the neuro will explain all when you next see him/her.

Karen x

Hi Carla, I was diagnosed with r.r.m.s. a month ago after 2 years in limbo. I have lesions on my brain and brain stem but a clear lumbar puncture. I had several MRI’s and each one showed more lesions. I had abnormal evoked potential tests and my neuro exams showed brisk reflexes, positive babinski, increased tone, clonus and nystagmus. My first neuro would not diagnose m.s. with a negative lumbar puncture. I got a second opinion with a m.s. specialist neuro after further relapses and he diagnosed me with r.r.m.s. after reviewing all my MRI scans and symptoms etc. I am due to start on d.m.d.'s soon and getting help with my walking - physio and F.E.S. plus support from a m.s. nurse. Don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion if you are getting nowhere with your present neuro. I would still be in limbo if I had stayed with my original neuro. I hope this helps. A x


Thanks to you both for your replies. What worries me I suppose is that when I go back to see the Neuro he will tell me that it’s definantly not MS but will give me no other answers as to what is going on and cancel me off his books! I know you mentioned Karen that he should explain things but after my last two appointments he is very brisk and doesn’t explain anything in detail…

Amily10, I’m sorry to hear that you waited 2 yrs with positive results for everything else except LP and you still didn’t get a dx, you have given me hope that all is not lost and I will ask for a second opinion if I feel that after this next appointment that I need to do this.

Both your answers have helped alot

Carla x