Does negativw lp definatey rule out ms?

Hi everyone, just curious, but does a nefativw lp, definatlwy rule out ms, even though mri shows lesions in the owrcentricular area, just hopeful, that it is poss to have another lp pnw day, that may be positive, my neuro did say in all fairness that sxans can show them mpre, what do you think? Waiting for mri love boz xx

Some neuros would not diagnose MS with a negative LP yet others do. Neurology is a guessing game. I have been to 2 and got different opinions on my condition. The Professor on the Barts MS blog says that MS with a negative LP is not true MS. Dont know what he means there - maybe MS which does not involve the immune system in the CSF?

Frankly, i wonder if there is any real value in Lumbar Punctures at all. If you have symptoms with historical re-occurence and signs of lesions in MRI images, why bother?

Yes, can vary with different neuros views, there is also certain criteria, I lray there will bw alot of research for a blood diagnosis one day, so many of so close, yet so far, could an lp be positive another time with same person, I am 58but staterd facial pain when I was a yoibg 17, I will always live on hope, my neuro is realy bnice, and I pray he can help me, if not ms at the moment diagnoaes, then keep it open for one day in the futyre love boz xx

No, a negative LP cannot rule it out. A small number of people with MS have a normal LP. Meanwhile, a small number of people without MS test positive. So it’s not 100% yes or no test. It just has to be considered in the light of all the other evidence. A negative LP does make MS less likely, as most people with the disease will have an abnormal LP (if they have one at all - which I never did). But just a few won’t.



Hi tina, thankyou helps I think leave a slight hope in the fute if nothing else happens; somethongvto hang onto, thankyoucfor sharing love boz xx

I’m one of the small number of people diagnosed with MS who have a normal LP. I’m sure there are others on this site.

I have lesions on my brain scan but a negative LP and also a negative evoke potential test. My neuro wouldn’t diagnose ms and said he would see me in 12 months time to see if anything significant had happened.

Zipster, I tested positive on EVPs, but had to wait about a year and a half until a repeat MRI showed new activity before my diagnosis was confirmed.

Yes Ben i am hoping he will send me for another mri in february when i see him to see if there are any new lesions. I have some kind of headache almost every day, had a migraine today. Been ill for 14yrs and still no positive diagnosis, been told m.e/cfs because previous mri’s were normal until my last one last year.

14 years is a long time Zipster, I understand your frustration.

Hang in there.


Hi ben and zipster, thanjyou for sharing, so much comfort to gear, that lp , does not lways carry a rigid, diagnoaes, it is a vtough journey for sure, wgat a eelief to have such great buddies with understanding for eachbother, and what we are going through, zipster, I have suffwred since 17, but thongs got alot worse after glabular fever 14years ago too, love boz xx

You hang in there too Boz.


I had glandular fever when i was 18 and i am 45 now.

Guys, I had Glandular Fever many years before I was diagnosed with MS. Scroll down the page on this NHS-website link for speculation on a connection between the two conditions. I didn’t now this before…

I have read this before Ben, it also mentions that having glandular fever can develop into m.e/cfs. Just wish i knew for certain what i have. Neurologist just said if i have had ms for the last 14 years then i am doing well.