Results of 2nd MRI (sort of)...whinge alert!

Well, I managed to get the neuro's secretary to read the letter she has typed up for me today regarding my MRI in April. 

It took 6 weeks for him to write to the radiologist to ask if he though I could be diagnosed (30th May), so I've been chasing every week since then.

Apparently there are now 'a few tiny scars' which he will discuss with me at my next appointment, so I'm not really sure what that means and he's going on holiday at the end of the month so that will probably be August/September time.

Sorry to moan, but he told me in March that if it came back as inconclusive he would referr me for a LP and to see an MS specialist and now I have to wait for another couple of months.


Mags xx


Neuros work on a different timescale from us - they don't seem to understand our urgency :-(

"A few tiny scars" means a few tiny lesions. Unfortunately, that's all it means - it doesn't give a clue about what the cause might be (and there are many).


Karen x

Ah, I did wonder, thanks Karen. happy2

Maybe he'll add them to my others and give me a diagnosis then (one can always hope)....

Mags xx

Frustrating or what!?!? Hope time whizzes by for you.

Thanks Claire. Booked in to GPs on the 14th to see if he can find out what's going on and maybe speed things up. :-) xx

It is indeed Claire.  letdown  On a brighter note, my Mum has said that she will pay for me to see the neuro privately so hopefully I will be able to get in to see him before he goes on holiday.  Beats waiting another few months to probably be told he's going to referr me on. thumbsup

Mags xx