I thought some of You might find this research interesting, regarding ms and the connection with other autoimmune disorders.

I have skin psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, so found it interesting.


I copied this from my tablet. I have no idea how I did it…suited


Interesting, but some of them were a bit predictable!

Higher levels of alcohol abuse in people with MS? Can’t imagine why! I mean, it’s not as if there’s anything about life with MS that might make you want a drink, is there? /sarcasm mode off

Similarly with heart disease. On the whole, I’d say people with impaired mobility and/or reduced exercise tolerance are more likely to get heart disease - certainly if all we’re told about the preventive effects of exercise are true. So no prizes for predicting that one, either.

Some of the others are more obscure and potentially more interesting, because they could point to a common underlying pathology, rather than just being unfortunate knock-on effects of a life with chronic illness.



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It is the first stages of what I think will be an interesting project


Blossom, l too, have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Also, IBS. and now it is thought l have fybromyaligia as well [now thats greedy] - all auto-immune diseases. Which are all linked with vit d3 deficiency. But why we do not seem to absorb the d3 is a case for more research.

l have taken a high dose vitd3 for several years now and still cannot get my levels up to the 125/175nmols. Started to use the spray vitd3 - which is absorbed straight into the bloodstream - rather then being past through the stomach. Apparently, the tablet/softgel type - 85% is not absorbed.

Another bit of research, I thought some of you might be interested in. It does mention something about vitD spacejacket.


hi blossom

when i got my diagnosis i started to realise that there were quite a few family members with auto-immune diseases.

myself and my maternal aunt - ms

paternal aunt - rheumatoid arthritis

sister - psoriasis

others that i can’t remember since starting to type this!

weird stuff

carole x